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Blake Griffin Ordered to Pay $258K Per Month in Child Support

NBA baller Blake Griffin has been ordered to hand over $258,000 per month to his children’s mother, Brynn Cameron, according to court documents obtained by Radar Online.

The pair of exes share two kids, Ford Wilson, 5, and Finley Elaine, 2. Griffin has also been embroiled in a combative paternity case with Cameron, whose civil lawsuit claims the Detroit Piston broke off their engagement shortly after he began dating model and reality star, Kendall Jenner.

Cameron also claims the former Los Angeles Clipper kicked her and their children out of his $12 million Pacific Palisades mansion, saying she was “reduced to being homeless,” and only had $100 to her name at the time. She is reportedly still unemployed.

Court documents indicate the power forward earned $2.2 million per month in 2016. His annual income was most recently determined to be $35 million, including investments and his current salary with the Pistons.

“The focus is on the minor children’s reasonable needs consistent with Petitioner’s station in life,” a judge wrote in the July 19th order. “Any expenses paid by Petitioner that provides a direct benefit for the parties’ children is relevant. By way of example, if Petitioner has taken the minor children to a Lakers game or to the World Series or spent funds on the minor children on shopping sprees, information/documentation regarding same would be relevant.”

Griffin and Cameron agreed to joint legal and physical custody last March. Still, the mother of two believes her ex broke a legally binding oral contract, claiming he promised to “provide promised financial support” after asking her to “give up her career goals and aspirations to raise their children and support” his career.


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