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Chicago Trainer Pulls Kids from the Street to the Gym


EBONY recently launched a new multimedia series called “In Our Cities.” This series will combat the negative images the mainstream media highlights in African American communities across the country by showcasing a fuller picture of people, places and projects aimed at improvement.

Meet John Coleman. For nearly a decade, this Chicago native has been pulling children and teens off the streets and into his gym. Pump High Energy Fitness Center in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood serves all ages. The fitness center operates as more than a training ground for the young people who use it, Coleman said. It’s also a space for them to network and receive guidance. His mission, he says, is to keep them safe and get them thinking about their futures. A lot of them are high school athletes who don’t think they can go to college with their grades, but Coleman educates them about sports scholarships. Hear about his impact in his own words and don’t forget to read more background on our project HERE.


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