About this New Chrisette Michele Song…Here for it or Nah?

On the “A” with Souleo: Black Lives Matter movement inspires new season of hit show ‘Lexus Verses and Flow’ Chrisette Michele

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Chrisette Michele clearly had a whole game plan set up when she accepted the invitation to perform at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on January 20.

(Oh boy…I really got through typing that. (:-/))

Two days following one of the most controversial and societal shifting inaugurations, she released a new single, “No Political Genius.” If the title sounds a tad bit familiar, that’s because she tagged it after releasing a hard to read note that explained why she would be taking the stage at the ritual ceremony. She also used it while sharing her opinion during the 2016 presidential election campaign.

That didn’t go over too well, either.

Her decision to sing at the inauguration caused uproar across social platforms and even led pioneer filmmaker Spike Lee to dismiss the idea of using one of her songs for a spot in his upcoming She’s Gotta Have It Netflix series.

That alone, set off a whole other debate between the singer’s fiancé and rap artist, Talib Kweli. The two exchanged jabs via Twitter and it was a bit hostile.

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Proving to still not be phased by the verbal attacks on her decisions, Michele’s next move was to address it all again in song, describing herself as the “Black elephant in the red room scared shook.”

Weigh in: Should folks lay off Chrisette Michele now that the job is done? Sound off in the comments.


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