He’s baaack and if his time on Saturday Night Live was any indication as to what Dave Chappelle has up his sleeves on the comedic front, we’re so ready and then some!

The comedian is making a grand return to centerstage with two special stand-ups from his personal vault that will premiere on Netflix. With his off-the-cuff and raw style, the first trailer teases us with cracks on the modern world, ISIS beheadings on YouTube, and O.J. Simpson – who’s now up for parole. As rumbles of laughter spread through the performance space, Chappelle hits the audience with a question:

“You know what kills Black people more than anything? More than police and terrorism? Salt,” he says.

And that’s only the material we’re getting in the quick trailer below, so with two hours of his sharp point-of-view and jabs at society, it is without doubt that Dave Chappelle will give us a lot to think about while cracking us up.

Go inside Chappelle’s “vault” when Netflix grants access on March 21.

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