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Dennis Rodman Celebrates 30 Days Sober: I Want to Live to See My Kids Grow Up

Dennis Rodman is celebrating 30 days of sobriety, but knows he still has a long way to go. The former NBA baller posted a message for fans Sunday night celebrating one month without alcohol or drugs, thanking his fans for supporting his new lifestyle while calling out those who doubted he could clean up his act.

Rodman’s rep, Darren Prince, told TMZ the five-time NBA champ is “doing what he has to do to take care of himself and become a better healthier person and that’s just so bad ass for this bad boy with a great big heart!”

The eccentric athlete entered rehab January 17 after a DUI arrest in Newport Beach, California. He is now receiving long-term treatment at a facility just outside of Los Angeles.

Check out Rodman celebrating a clean 30 days below.


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