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Denzel Washington & Antoine Fuqua Joke About Dominican ‘Scarface’ (VIDEO)

denzel washington, antoine fuqua

Director Antoine Fuqua and leading man Denzel Washington sat down with EBONY after the Los Angeles screening of The Equalizer 2 on July 20. During the conversation, Washington explained why the movie is his first sequel, and Fuqua talked about potentially working on the upcoming Scarface film.

The Oscar-winning actor said the reason he hadn’t appeared in a sequel is that studios haven’t asked. “A lot of movies I’ve done aren’t sequel kind of movies,” he explained. “The only one that I was asked to do was a prequel to, or they talked about a prequel to, [was] Safe House.”

In speaking about sequels, Fuqua was asked to give an update on if he’d be working on the remake of Scarface. “I’ve been helping them develop a script,” he said. “That’s really where that’s at right now, just working on the script to make sure it’s right and it’s its own movie, not ‘Scarface’ that we saw before and not a remake of that.”

The director joked that Washington would be perfect to play the role of Scarface; he would just have to be Dominican.

Watch the full interview above. The Equalizer 2 is in theaters now.

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