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Devon Franklin Talks About Male Influence in His Life [VIDEO]

Stories of absent fathers have become commonplace in the narrative of the Black community.  While there’s a tendency to avoid consistent conversations about the real reasons why so many men are absent from their children’s lives, even more damaging are the limited opportunities to provide examples of fathers who foster high quality relationships with their children and families in ways that positively impact our community.

Have we failed to consider how their examples can inform and inspire those fathers, children, and families who are lost? Or does it even matter?

I completed my first film, a documentary, From Fatherless to Fatherhood, in 2012. It was inspired by a discussion with a Morehouse College classmate, and rooted the work in understanding that people and strong communities don’t just rise out of nowhere. Our success, opportunities and perspectives are shaped and marked by our parents and community, along with the vision and legacies of both. What does our current state say about our vision and legacy?

This 8-part web series is an extension of the film and my perspective about strengthening the currency of fathers of our community.  It provides a glimpse into the lives and perspectives of those from a Hollywood film executive to a mother of six, around the meaning and value of quality manhood and fatherhood. Moreover, it is an invitation to share your views about fatherhood; to challenge one another in a positive way about the value we place on parenting, fatherhood and family.  

Moving us from a community often plagued by failed personal relationships towards a collective appreciation in our regard for strong men, fathers and families, I offer From Fatherless to Fatherhood: the web series, exclusively at—Kobie Brown

Follow music executive and filmmaker Kobie Brown on Twitter @kobiechronicles.

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