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EBONY is Looking for Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things!

Do you know someone who is making the world a better place? That person could be featured in the "Out of the Box" section in EBONY's May issue, where we will be highlighting ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things in his/her community. It could be someone you know or…even you!

To submit a candidate, please explain in 100 words or less what makes this person, or yourself, a stand out in their community. Also include the following:

  • The nominee's name
  • How long has this person been doing said work
  • Location where the service takes place
  • The nominee's phone number, mailing and email addresses
  • The name, address, phone and e-mail address of the person submitting the nomination

All information should be submitted to no later than Friday, February 1, at noon CST.

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