Janelle Monáe is an effervescent lady.

In late February, the songstress shimmied her way back into the limelight rapping about the majestic nature of Black womanhood and crooning about sexual fluidity. While her latest singles have garnered well-deserved buzz, the influential anthems are not what the “Make Me Feel” singer cared to discuss over the weekend.

The 32-year-old had feminism on the brain.

In partnership with Belvedere Vodka, Monáe hosted a star-filled brunch centered on the objective of her grassroots organization #FemFuture on Saturday. She founded the organization three years ago in response to the dearth of independent women in media and film.

She spoke with EBONY about the group’s vision for a more woman-centric future on Friday.

“[I wanted] to create a platform to shine light on women and their talent, whether its behind the scenes or in front of the camera,” the singer said of her organization. 

According to its website, #FemFuture aspires to “develop solutions for sustainability and impact in 21st century feminism.”

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In collaboration with Monáe, Belvedere recently worked with three female filmmakers to launch the “A Beautiful Future” initiative to propel its mission. Monáe recruited directors Janicza Bravo, Lacey Duke and Kirsten Lepore to produce short films which answer the question: What does a beautiful future look like to you?

While she’s giving the aforementioned ladies a platform showcase their visions of the future, Monáe has an answer of her own:

“A beautiful future is a future where women are included in [all] different aspects,” she said “No matter if its tech, no matter if its STEM, just feminine energies in the room, women’s inclusion in every aspect from the bottom to the top, top to bottom.” 

For more insight into what a more feminized future might look like, head to Belvedere’s YouTube page to watch the “A Beautiful Future” series.