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ELLE Campaign Features Bloggers, Activists as Civil Rights Icons

#WeAreBlackHistory Photo Campaign

Ferguson was burning and #BlackLivesMatter protests were sweeping the nation when Alexis Felder came to Christina Brown and me with an idea. She wanted to put a spotlight on the positive figures galvanizing our communities—people whose sole aim was to be treated with dignity and humanity, much like the legendary men and women who marched in Selma. And she wanted to do it by paying homage to our painful yet triumphant history. #WeAreBlackHistory was born.

The powerful photo series features some of today's top digital influencers, recreating legendary images of Black history icons. It's as much a tribute to pioneers of yore as it is a celebration of the young women making a difference today. "The We Are Black History movement was created to honor our history," Alexis said, "but also to foster a sense of unity among powerful Black women voices in the digital space." It's the brainchild of Style Influencers Group, a network we founded to connect brands with influencers of color who are typically passed over in favor of their White counterparts. We hope both projects will give a voice to people who too often go ignored.

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