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Ellen DeGeneres: ‘As a White Person, I’m Ashamed’ of Shootings of Unarmed Black Men

Ellen DeGeneres, Van Jones

Ellen DeGeneres said she was “ashamed” as a white person at the number of unarmed Black men killed by police officers around the country.

She made the comments on her hit daytime talk show The Ellen DeGeneres show on Friday to news commentator Van Jones.

“Recently there have been so many African-American men who have been shot by police and nothing seems to change,” she told Jones. “I’m furious. As a white person, I’m ashamed.”

The host said that what she sees is “blatant racism” and that it is confusing to her that nothing happens.

DeGeneres brought up the case of the Black Michigan teenager who was seeking directions before a man shot at him and the shooting death of Diante Yarber in a Walmart parking lot.

Jones explained to the host that there is a “default, unwritten rule that the police are always right.”

“If you don’t like bad cops, it doesn’t mean you hate America,” Jones said. “It means you want everybody to be treated fairly.”

Check out the video below.



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