It’s an all too familiar song: guy cheats on girl, guy regrets cheating on girl, guy tries to get girl back. We’ve heard it all before, but not quite like this on Eric Benét‘s latest single, “Harriett Jones,” from his upcoming album, The One. Who is Harriett Jones? Well, that’s the woman whose broken heart Eric is trying to mend after falling under the spell of a PYT or three. He’s sorry for his lapses in judgment, and he’s trying to sing his way back into her good graces and their once happy home. Will his begging work? That remains to be seen, but this song is definitely worth a listen to hear Benét croon “swing low, sweet Harriett” with a wink to the old Negro spiritual “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” Peep the lyric video after the bounce and sing along with Eric as he gets his lady and groove back.


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