Eve Reveals Husband Joked About His Father Being Racist Before Introducing Them

Model Ashley Graham recently got real about interracial relationships, admitting that her Midwestern grandmother was hesitant to embrace her African-American boyfriend-now-husband Justin Ervin when they first met.

Now, rapper Eve is sharing her thoughts on Graham’s experience, saying her own husband Maximillion Cooper threw her for a loop when he claimed his father “didn’t like Black people.”

While discussing the hot topic on The Talk, the “Blow Your Mind” MC says Cooper told her that his dad was racist—but it was all just a big joke.

“When my husband and I first started dating, I was going to meet his parents and he thought it would be funny to tell me that his dad didn’t like black people,” said Eve. “He was kidding.”

The Philadelphia native claims her hubby has a unique sense of humor, so she was able to laugh it off after meeting his “amazing” family.

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“You have to know my husband, he thinks stuff like this is funny and it was funny, because his parents are amazing and beautiful.”

“But he did tell me that and I was terrified,” she continued. “I was like, ‘How could you not prepare them, what did you say, why couldn’t you tell them?,’ and then I got there and they were amazing, but I was so stressed out.”


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