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George Lopez Gets Major Shade Over Stage Freakout

George Lopez Gets Major Shade Over Stage Freakout

In this post-Obama era, we’re dealing with a controversial Secretary of Education pick, truth speakers being silenced, our favorite actors being trolled because of their love for Black women, a travel ban that seems to target Muslims, and that’s just the first couple weeks of Black History Month. Needless to say, racial tensions are at an all time high. This interaction between George Lopez and a concert goer is proof.

“There’s still two rules in a f**king Latino family,” he began, “Don’t marry somebody Black and don’t park in front of our house.”

While the crowd guffawed at the racially laced jab, the woman reportedly stood up and flipped Lopez off. Lopez, not up for being heckled, went off.

“Sit your f**king ass down. You paid to see a show, sit your ass down. You can’t take a joke you’re in the wrong muthaf**king place. Sit your f**king ass down or get the f**k outta here,” he barked. “Here I’ll make the choice for you – BYE! You can’t take a joke, you’re in the wrong muthaf**king place. Four seats just opened up front.’

Watch the full scene below, via TMZ.

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According to Mediate, the audience member purportedly called into the Tino Cochino radio show this week to explain her side of things. The site states that she told the hosts that she’s Black and Mexican. Following Lopez’s joke, she laughed, stood up and yelled, “F*ck you, I’m Black and Mexican!” The woman went on to say that she’d go to another Lopez show and sit in the front row to taunt him again.

The incident launched a barrage of opinions on social media with varying opinions across racial lines. Some say he was both sexist and misogynistic toward the woman and owes her an apology. But others agree with him, saying raunchy humor like that should be expected at a comedy show.

Comedians are usually charged with the duty of making light of our differences, from a cultural and racial standpoint. From Don Rickles to Lenny Bruce to Richard Pryor to Dave Chappelle — all of them have been known to push the envelope on racial humor. But in this case, did Lopez take it too far?

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