Take Note, Pepsi: Heineken’s New Ad Deftly Embraces Cultural Conversation


We’re living in extremely divisive times. Here in the U.S., we’re split over the topic of race relations in America, our politics are increasingly contentious, and our president isn’t helping to bridge the gap. Meanwhile, countries across the globe are dealing with a growing sense of nationalism and anti-immigrant attitudes. And if you hag out online, folks seem more polarized than ever, arguing about everything from women’s rights and social issues, to politics and policies–and, of course, pop culture. With this in mind, Heineken rolled out a new ad campaign aimed at bringing people together.

While companies have tried to spark change via unconventional ads in the past, more often than not they end in failure. Recently, Pepsi got that work after its commercial argued that all you need to handle society’s most pressing issues–you know, like police violence, is a Pepsi. The clip was rounded criticized and the company quickly pulled it spot all together. But where Pepsi failed to meet its mark, Heineken’s #OpenYourWorld campaign has prevailed.

In the beer company’s new spot, people who share opposing viewpoints are brought together to complete a task–build a bar. As they work on the project, they get to know each other in ways they probably never would have before, especially if they knew of each other’s opinions. After the bar is complete, however, they watch a video of their initial views and then decide whether or not they’ll discuss them over a drink or walk away.

Check out the entire ad below to see how it all plays out.

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