Don't Shoot song

West Coast rapper Game enlists some of his fellow wordsmiths to raise awareness on the topic of the death of Mike Brown, police brutality and social injustice in the form of his new single, “Don’t Shoot.” The song features verses from Diddy, Rick Ross, Wale, 2 Chainz, Curren$y, Problem, Yo Gotti and more. And aside from a tasteless Cîroc Vodka plug from Diddy, the track does a fairly good job of representing the hip-hop community’s voice on what’s been going on in Ferguson and other cities around the country.

The Breakfast Club co-host and controversial pundit Charlamagne tha God, among others, made a point to acknowledge the obvious irony: most of these featured MCs have (and will continue to record) music surrounding gun violence, slightly diminishing their sincerity on the topic.

While this addresses the double standard, any awareness of these incidents by those with an influential voice makes an impact. Whether it’s right or wrong is a matter of opinion, but you have to give credit to Game and the other artists on board for taking a stand and portraying their feelings for the record.

Listen here and judge for yourself:

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