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The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Returns!

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From style of dress to the way one rocks their hair, shades and hat, Hip-Hop has been a cultural influencer for decades. It provides a platform for some of the most provoking thinkers, creatives and lyricist to express what their eyes and ears absorb on the daily.

So, it’s only right that the genre, along with the artists who helped shape it’s evolution, be acknowledged and honored with a Hip Hop Hall of Fame Award. The televised awards show, which debuted on BET in 1990, is making its return with legendary Emcee Roxanne Shante as its host this November — just in time for Hip Hop History Month.

As part of the production, which will be filmed in New York, the HHHOF Inductee Class will be led by Afrika Bambaataa for Lifetime Achievement; Harry Belafonte’s classic Hip Hop Film BeatStreet, which is celebrating 30 years; Sal Abitello and his Disco Fever, a venue in the Bronx where many Hip Hop Stars and Legends were made; Sylvia Robinson and SugarHill Records; Bobby Robinson and Enjoy Records; and Harlem’s Mike & Dave Records and Promotions.

Bringing to the forefront all elements of hip-hop, the artists, graffiti writers, DJs and B-boys and girls names will be unveiled at an inductee conference, to be announced soon. In addition to the awards show, brought to viewers by Dove Entertainment, the creators of the HHHOF have aspirations of bringing a museum to Harlem in 2016. Details on the specifics are still to come. Tickets to attend the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Show can be purchased, here beginning Friday, September 11.

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