Hot 97’s Ebro on Kanye: He’s Being Used as Tool for White Supremacy

Hot 97 DJ Ebro, Kanye West

Hot 97 DJ Ebro chimed in on Kanye West’s latest comment that slavery was a choice.

The DJ was on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon on Tuesday and said that people who are spreading hate were using the rapper.

“This Kanye West conversation is not about partisan politics. It’s not about Republican, Democrat,” he told Lemon. “It’s about that Kanye has allowed himself to be used as a tool for people who aligned themselves with hate groups and White supremacy in this country.”

The Life of Pablo rapper visited the TMZ newsroom on Tuesday and expressed confusion at how Black people were enslaved for centuries without rebelling.

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years? That sounds like a choice,” he said on TMZ Live. “We’re mentally imprisoned.”

West posted on Twitter after the sit-down with TMZ’s Harvey Levin to clarify his comments.

“The reason why I brought up the 400 years point is because we can’t be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years,” he said.

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Check out the video below of Ebro’s interview with Don Lemon.


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