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Ike Turner’s Daughter Says Rape Scene in Tina Turner Biopic Never Happened

“It was made Hollywood, so there’s quite a few scenes, primarily the rape scene, [that] didn’t happen.”

Ike Turner is one of rock ‘n’ roll music’s pioneers, but many will remember the artist simply as Tina Turner’s abusive ex-husband as depicted in the 1993 biopic What’s Love Got to Do with It.

His daughter Mia Turner, 50, is now speaking up on her late father’s behalf, saying the infamous scene showing Ike (Laurence Fishburne) rape Tina (Angela Bassett) in their home studio never took place.

“Obviously I wasn’t there that night…but after I saw the movie I called Tina’s sister Aillene and said: ‘What in the world?’ She then called Tina and [Aillene] confirmed to me that it never happened,” Mia told The Daily Mail.

“A high percentage of Tina’s account has been accurate. When she signed off on the movie it was the way she wanted it, but it was edited heavily afterwards. We find out later it was tweaked. It was made Hollywood, so there’s quite a few scenes, primarily the rape scene, [that] didn’t happen. In Hollywood, sex sells, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent.”

Mia also said she never personally saw her father lay a finger on her “second mother,” Tina.

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Tina with Ike and Ann Thomas' daughter Mia in 1971. Mia recently opened up to the Daily Mail about her childhood. She was born Cicily Rashale Turner on January 10, 1969. Ike didn't like her name so he changed it to Mia after Mia Farrow. During the week, she lived with her maternal grandmother in Bakersfield, California and on weekends she stayed with her mother who lived with Ike and Tina in View Park. She has fond memories growing up at their home and said "there wasn't any favoritism" between her and her brothers. She added that Tina and Ann were very close. "My mother and Tina were best friends. They had diamond love heart necklaces, which was their friendship bracelet at the time." She also revealed that it was Ann who told Tina to leave Ike that night in Dallas. Ann later married Ike in 1981 and they divorced in 1990. After the biopic was released she confronted her parents. Mia struggled to come to terms with Ike's past but they became closer the older she got. She said, "Tina will always have a very special place in my heart because that's my other mother. If I saw her today, I would hug her and say, I love you and I miss you." Mia is planning a documentary series on Ike to highlight his musical legacy. She said, "I'm not going to portray him as an innocent angel, but he will not be portrayed as 'the beast' either." • • • #tinaturner #miaturner #iketurner #annthomas #1971 #ikeandtina #1970s #retro #music #candid #seventies #70sstyle #ikeandtinaturner

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“They didn’t argue much in front of me. When it came to rehearsals, daddy was the choreographer and composer, so they might quibble over things, but I never saw him hit her. I’m not saying those things didn’t happen, I just never saw that.”

In fact, Mia was devastated by their 1978 divorce, saying, “It hurt me deeply because I was still young, wondering if she’ll ever be back. Everything I knew was gone.”


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