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India.Arie Stands With Mo’Nique: I Applaud Her for Speaking Up

Mo’Nique has been met with considerable criticism for asking fans to boycott Netflix for racial bias and gender bias. While some agree with her overall point, others, such as Charlamagne Tha God, believe her method lacks reasoning.

Fortunately, the comedian is also receiving plenty of support, with Chicago’s Chance the Rapper recently tweeting that he stands by the Oscar winner in her fight for equal pay and respect for Black women.

India.Arie is the latest celeb to back up the Bessie actress, marking several tweets #ImWithYouMo and explaining why she supports her fellow performer.

“I’ve been called difficult- when i demand accountability, take time for self care, speak difficult truths or stand up for myself at all lol,” Arie revealed. “Some may not agree with @moworldwide method or approach but shes NOT wrong. Its the black tax and the gender pay gap rolled into one.”

She then breaks down the “Black tax,” calling it, “the experience that Black people have to work and perform twice as well as White people to get half as much.”

She concludes by saying she’s proud of Mo’Nique for speaking up and for being brave enough to take the heat for an important cause.
“There is no ‘right’ way FOR her to say. i applaud @moworldwide for speakig up at ALL! KNOWING shed be hit with so much hate. Just to be clear where I stand #ImWithYouMo aaaaannnd Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide.”

Check out the tweets below:


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