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[INTERVIEW] Garcelle Beauvais Talks TNT Series, and Working with Denzel

Garcelle Beauvais

Timeless Black beauty Garcelle Beauvais is not going anywhere anytime soon. The actress is gearing up for the June premiere of her return to TNT’s "Franklin & Bash," along with a coveted role starring opposite Denzel Washington in Robert Zemeckis’ action-packed drama Flight. Beauvais gave us the scoop on her upcoming projects, and dished why you won’t see her on the red carpet with a date anytime soon.

EBONY: Your character, Hanna Linden, is coming back for a second season on TNT’s ‘Franklin and Bash.’ Tell me a little about it.

Gabrielle Beauvais: I love my character. She is unapologetic about her intelligence and her sexuality. She’s not afraid to be like one of the boys. This season, I got to have more fun. She doesn’t bow down.

EBONY: Seems like this is a good year for Black women in dramas.

GB: Yes, I love the fact that there are tons of intelligent Black female roles in Hollywood right now!

EBONY: Let’s talk about your role in Flight, starring Denzel Washington. The film sounds like it’s going to be crazy!

GB: He’s crazy in it! He’s incredible.This man is at the top of his game. We’ll get into a scene and we could be playing around just before, and then he immediately transforms. He completely delves in and that’s why he’s a two time Oscar winner.

EBONY: What’s the feel of the film?

GB: It’s definitely going to pull at your heartstrings and make you think before you get on a plane. I actually initially came in to read for the part of a flight attendant and but I didn’t get it. I was bummed. But they had me come in and read for the part of his ex-wife. They said ‘you’re the only person we’re bringing in to read for this part.’ As it turned out, the flight attendant part was filming during ‘Franklin & Bash,’ so I wouldn’t have been able to do it. 

EBONY:  We hear you have one really intense scene with Denzel.

GB: I play his ex-wife and there is one scene where we go at it! It’s kind of one of those scenes where we’re kind of fighting for the same thing. We just have a different point of view. It gets really intense and we have a physical altercation.

EBONY: Wow, a physical altercation. With your great bod, you seem quite agile! Have you ever thought about playing a sexy superhero?

GB: I would love to play a kickass crime-fighting superhero. I would love that. You always want to play something that’s not too close to who you actually are.

EBONY: Let’s talk about your indie film Small Time.

GB: It’s interesting. It’s not an action movie, but it’s the kind of movie that I love. It’s simply about people and the intricacies of relationships. It’s about this guy trying to find his way, but he’s still hung up on his ex. He’s at a crossroads and he’s trying to figure out whether or not he’s going to stay with me, his girlfriend, or get back with his ex. I get to play with Chris Mahoney, who we all know from ‘Law & Order.’

EBONY: Well, speaking of relationships, are you seeing anyone? Will we spot you and a suitor on a red carpet anytime soon?

GB: No, you will not! (laughs) My plate has been busy and I’ve actually consciously taken myself off of the dating market so I can work on me. It’s been fun not to stress about that. I’ve really been hanging out with my kids. When you get out of a relationship and you have kids, it’s not just about you. But, I’m okay. I’m having a good time… unless Michael Ealy is single. Is he single?

EBONY: Ha! We can only dream.

GB: We can!

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