Garcelle Beauvais

Timeless Black beauty Garcelle Beauvais is not going anywhere anytime soon. The actress is gearing up for the June premiere of her return to TNT’s "Franklin & Bash," along with a coveted role starring opposite Denzel Washington in Robert Zemeckis’ action-packed drama Flight. Beauvais gave us the scoop on her upcoming projects, and dished why you won’t see her on the red carpet with a date anytime soon.

EBONY: Your character, Hanna Linden, is coming back for a second season on TNT’s ‘Franklin and Bash.’ Tell me a little about it.

Gabrielle Beauvais: I love my character. She is unapologetic about her intelligence and her sexuality. She’s not afraid to be like one of the boys. This season, I got to have more fun. She doesn’t bow down.

EBONY: Seems like this is a good year for Black women in dramas.

GB: Yes, I love the fact that there are tons of intelligent Black female roles in Hollywood right now!

EBONY: Let’s talk about your role in Flight, starring Denzel Washington. The film sounds like it’s going to be crazy!

GB: He’s crazy in it! He’s incredible.This man is at the top of his game. We’ll get into a scene and we could be playing around just before, and then he immediately transforms. He completely delves in and that’s why he’s a two time Oscar winner.

EBONY: What’s the feel of the film?

GB: It’s definitely going to pull at your heartstrings and make you think before you get on a plane. I actually initially came in to read for the part of a flight attendant and but I didn’t get it. I was bummed. But they had me come in and read for the part of his ex-wife. They said ‘you’re the only person we’re bringing in to read for this part.’ As it turned out, the flight attendant part was filming during ‘Franklin & Bash,’ so I wouldn’t have been able to do it. 

EBONY:  We hear you have one really intense scene with Denzel.

GB: I play his ex-wife and there is one scene where we go at it! It’s kind of one of those scenes where we’re kind of fighting for the same thing. We just have a different point of view. It gets really intense and we have a physical altercation.

EBONY: Wow, a physical altercation. With your great bod, you seem quite agile! Have you ever thought about playing a sexy superhero?

GB: I would love to play a kickass crime-fighting superhero. I would love that. You always want to play something that’s not too close to who you actually are.

EBONY: Let’s talk about your indie film Small Time.

GB: It’s interesting. It’s not an action movie, but it’s the kind of movie that I love. It’s simply about people and the intricacies of relationships. It’s about this guy trying to find his way, but he’s still hung up on his ex. He’s at a crossroads and he’s trying to figure out whether or not he’s going to stay with me, his girlfriend, or get back with his ex. I get to play with Chris Mahoney, who we all know from ‘Law & Order.’

EBONY: Well, speaking of relationships, are you seeing anyone? Will we spot you and a suitor on a red carpet anytime soon?

GB: No, you will not! (laughs) My plate has been busy and I’ve actually consciously taken myself off of the dating market so I can work on me. It’s been fun not to stress about that. I’ve really been hanging out with my kids. When you get out of a relationship and you have kids, it’s not just about you. But, I’m okay. I’m having a good time… unless Michael Ealy is single. Is he single?

EBONY: Ha! We can only dream.

GB: We can!

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