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Hear A Mother’s Words to the Dead Son Who Molested His Sister in ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ Teaser

OWN favorite Iyanla: Fix My Life is back with all new episodes, the latest being one of the most emotionally trying of the series.

Iyanla works with Keshia, who finds out her dying son has molested her youngest daughter. Keshia has responded by shutting down emotionally. Now, years later, Iyanla is here to shake the family up with real talk.

Vanzant first speaks to the whole family, explaining why the victim never told her mother, but only her big sister, who was her brother/ molester’s best friend, about the abuse.

They also address the eldest sister being bullied for promiscuity, only for her to drop a bomb no one expected.

Lastly, Vanzant allows mother Keshia to mourn the loss of her son, who asks why he would do such a thing to his baby sister. Check out the emotional clip below.

Iyanla: Fix My Life airs Saturday, August 25 at 9PM EST on OWN.


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