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Iyana on Netflix v. Comedienne: ‘Don’t Make This About Mo’Nique’

Social media has been up in arms ever since Mo’Nique called for the public boycott of Netflix after being what she describes as low-balled by the movie streaming service due to racial and gender bias.

On one hand of the argument, people are with Mo’Nique. On the other, folks argue that she just isn’t as relevant as she used to be.

Well MadameNoire caught up with Iyanla Vanzant to see what she thought of the debacle.

“Why are we surprised that she’s asking people to acknowledge that they diminish and demean us?” Iyanla told the publication. “They do it every day. The president of the country relegated us to the sh-thole, so why are we surprised at this? The question becomes what are we going to do about it?”

Vanzant has a point. Black folks in entertainment and in other aspects of life continue to be compensated at a rate that is less than our white male counterparts.

“Mo’Nique can’t fight that battle by herself and people will not stand up for the battle or not stand up for the cause because it’s Mo’Nique, well, it didn’t start with Mo’Nique,” Vanzant continued. “So either we’re going to do it or we’re not, but don’t make this about Mo’Nique. It’s not about Mo’Nique. Mo’Nique is just saying what other people have refused to say.”



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