ja rule

David Goldman/AP Photo

Dear, dear misguided Ja Ja.

What on earth were you thinking, sir?

Thanks to this tweet below you’ve got the entire Internet laughing at you.

Who on your team told you that Michael Jordan gets paid $1 every time someone puts his crying face meme up?  I mean, seriously…that person needs a pink slip right now.

How could you, one-time yin to Ashanti’s musical yang, seriously think this was a thing? Did you suppose that his Royal Airness was being paid in bitcoins, or perhaps PayPal…and how exactly did his people track this meme and collect payment? It just doesn’t make sense.  I mean, if memes and money were linked up like that, all these folks below would be Scrooge-McDuck-backstroking-in-a-pile-of-money rich.

Naw. Just naw. Looks like it’s time to get a flip phone, Ja.  You’re not ready for these Internets. P.S. Don’t try to delete Tweets.  That same minister of misinformation who told you MJ was getting paid by the cryface probably told you screenshots are just a myth.


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