Janet Jackson Calls Out Airline CEO for Sexist Remarks

Janet Jackson, Black Girls Rock

Janet Jackson is not to be played with, recently sharing her disgust with one airline CEO who made a blatantly sexist remark regarding women in leadership positions.

During a news conference, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker boldly told the crowd that a woman could not hold his position due to its complex nature.

“Of course, it has to be led by a man because it is a very challenging position,” he said before the crowd gasped in disbelief.

The executive admitted he likes to put “fireworks” out there, meaning provocative statements, in an effort to incite more questions, but things clearly backfired.

Ms. Jackson was one of many to call out the airline exec, reposting the clip along with the caption, “Bull… this is degradation and devaluation of women!”

Check it out below.

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