KEEPING IT REALITY: Evelyn Throws Bottles at Kenya

We were presented with another episode of  “Basketball Wives” or “Recaps and Fights” last night. I call it “Recaps and Fights” because that’s being a running theme of the show lately. The episode kicks off where it left us last week—with the ladies telling Kenya she lies more than baby hair on Jennifer Lopez’s hairline.

Kenya’s lies detected –Kesha tells the ladies Kenya called Evelyn loose and a ho. Kenya disputes this by telling them “All I said was I HEARD she was a ho.” Oh ok, ma’am.  She maintains she doesn’t remember what she said too. Evelyn threatens if Kenya doesn’t get it her story together, a beat down might be in her future.

Royce’s Hip Hop Video – At least SOMEBODY on this show has some business to conduct outside of acting a fool. Royce is trying to come out with a hip-hop fitness dance video, which is right up her alley so she meets with producers to talk about her vision.

Recaps Galore – First, Jen and Suzie meet with Kesha to talk about the fiasco with Kenya calling Evelyn “loose.” Then Evelyn meets with Shaunie to fill her in on what happened. And finally, Kenya meets with Jen to speak her own peace. The amount of talking that happened about the one confrontation was a lot.

Shaunie’s Birthday Surprise – To celebrate her 10-year –old Mimi’s birthday, Shaunie surprises her by getting the tween boy band “Mindless Behavior” to show up at her birthday cooking class. Seems that the boys are this generation’s B2K, and it’s really cute to see Mimi’s reaction. All this made me feel old though.

The Trifling Tribunal – The topic of whether Kenya really called Evelyn a floozy and skeezer (my words, not hers) was still an issue so to iron it out. The ladies go out for a dinner fit for interrogation. This trifling tribunal even came complete with a witness to the crime. Toccara, Kesha’s friend’s presence was requested by Evelyn, so she could verify that Kenya did indeed call Evelyn out her name.

However, Kenya doesn’t budge from her assertion that she doesn’t recall what she said. This is when Evelyn starts to flip out. “What’s the difference between me and most bitches? I admit to the shit I’ve done.” Evelyn, you don’t always do that because no one has yet to know what happened on your trip to Vegas two years ago. You know? The trip you were mad at Suzie for even mentioning? Yeah that one.

Ev continues to go off, demanding Kenya admit her wrongdoing. But all Kenya does is sit there with her terrible wig, calmly denying everything. This tipped Ev over the edge because in one swoop, she takes a sip of her drink, and lunges at Kenya. Within seconds, Evelyn throws not one but TWO bottles in Kenya’s direction! It was like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Lozada”!

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Yes, she moves with amazing speed but Evelyn is too old to be fighting every time she’s out at night. Evelyn’s means of conflict resolution are yelling the word “bitch” repeatedly and fighting like her freedom depends on it. I want her to calm her rage and really find other ways to resolve issues.

Let’s hope Evelyn takes a break from brawling in next week’s episode. But that might be too much to ask.

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