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Kelly Price Joins EBONY’s ‘Women Up’ Live, Talks New Music, Childhood Trauma and More

Kelly Price Joins EBONY’s ‘Women Up’ Live, Talks New Music, Childhood Trauma and More

Kelly Price

If you missed Thursday night’s debut of EBONY’s ‘Women Up’ live event, you missed a powerful, unfiltered, intimate interview with singer extraordinaire Kelly Price, whose new gospel album, ‘Grace,’ drops on April 2. Good Friday.

Price opened up to EBONY Media Group CEO Michele Ghee about the tapestry of loss, grief, joy, anguish and unshakeable faith that gave rise to this new project. The multiple Grammy nominee—who makes crossing the boundaries between secular and non-secular music seem effortless—has just signed with Motown Gospel, which releases ‘Grace’ in concert with SANG GIRL! Inc., Price’s own company.

In the hour-long “fireside chat,” the singer distills her life lessons into compelling guideposts that convey how she navigated a wide range of personal, yet relatable challenges. “People often don’t realize how important ‘grace’ is until they’re the ones who need it,” Price says in the rich and layered conversation.

Check out the complete Kelly Price sit-down on the EBONY YouTube channel. In the meantime, here are some highlights to watch for… call them ‘grace notes’:

  • Price shares her definition of ‘grace,’ which inspired a devotional she’s penning…
  • Reveals the devastating toll Covid-19 took on her family in 2020…
  • Discusses giving herself ‘grace’ and speaking her truth about a painful personal history that includes sexual abuse as a child…
  • Shares how Easter has brought a series of defining moments into her life…
  • Reconciles‘grace’ and ‘cancel culture’…
  • Spills her weight loss secret…
  • Explains how music helped her heal and get up from grief…
  • Contemplates unity as the pathway to achievement and greatness…
  • Name drops her favorite singer of this generation…
  • Pays tribute to her phenomenal 95-year-old grandmother who has witnessed so much in the march of Black history…

Stay tuned for more Women Up live chats as we mark Women’s History Month and celebrate some of the African-American women making history today.

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Sample the title track of Kelly Price’s upcoming album, ‘Grace,’ here.

Follow Kelly Price on Instagram @ mskellyprice for the latest updates on “Grace.”

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