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Kelly Rowland Wants to Know Her Estranged Dad for Son’s Sake

Kelly Rowland Wants to Know Her Estranged Dad for Son’s Sake

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Kelly Rowland is a coach on the seventh season of The Voice Australia.  The four-time Grammy winner is also featured in the August issue of Vogue Australia, in which she discusses growing up in the Knowles household with Beyoncé and Solange, and her relationship with her parents.

Rowland moved in with the Knowles family when she was a teenager and was a part of the girl group Destiny’s Child with Beyoncé. The group was managed by Beyoncé’s father, Mathew, and styled by her mother, Tina, and her younger sister, Solange, was a background singer and dancer during the early years of success.

The performance coach spoke of how living with the Knowlses was a “good time.”

“I felt like: ‘Oh my God, Solange has a daddy’ and I needed to see what a male figure in a household is like,” Rowland told the magazine. “Tina [Knowles] was just awesome, always has been, always will be – and having sisters. Tina was there when Titan was born; she walked me down the aisle, because my mother was actually too sick to walk me. Tina is his grandmother, you know what I mean.”

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The singer said her relationship with her mother, Doris Rowland Garrison, when she moved in with the famous family was “interesting.” It had its great moments and its awful moments, something she will address on a song she is working on for an upcoming album. Garrison died three years ago, just a month after Rowland gave birth to her son, Titan. She disclosed to the publication what she would have changed, if she could, about her time with her mother.

“I would have told my mum that I really appreciated her, that she was bold, she was courageous, she was beautiful and that I wish I really told her to her face. I didn’t think she was ever really told that.”

Rowland revealed she met her estranged father, Christopher Lovett, only once, when she was 7 or 8. She would like to reconnect with him so that Titan can get to know his grandfather, but she’s still apprehensive about the ordeal. “I haven’t seen him since then. I do want to know him, meet him, know his background for the sake of my son. I don’t know, I’m just nervous to make that phone call.”

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