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Kem Croons for the Lovelorn of Atlanta

Wow! Yep, that pretty much sums up my reaction after witnessing the magic, yes, magic, that R&B recording artist Kem showcased at TV One’s Hello Beautiful Interludes Live in Atlanta last week.

This crooner, who host Smokey Fontaine dubs the “Captain of R&B,” had ATL on its feet and clinging to every love-drenched lyric that fell from his mouth. He performed some of his popular hits like “Share My World” and “Love Calls.” I could barely contain myself when he performed “You’re on My Mind.”

But when he walked through the audience, singing his new single, “Promise to Love,” I spotted a woman so overcome with emotion that she was crying. It was very touching. I just love intimate sets like this where the artist can relax and be themselves, and even discuss their past struggles. In Kem’s case, he offered a sort of testimony about the challenges he had with drug and alcohol addiction and being homeless.

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