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LeBron James Sued for ‘Barbershop’ Talk Show Idea

LeBron James, Cleveland caveliers

NBA superstar LeBron James is being sued by a production company that claims it was cut from the series after holding “numerous” talks about a barbershop-themed talk show called The Shop, ESPN reports. 

Adventure Enterprises filed a lawsuit against James’s production company, UNINTERRUPTED, saying they met with them to “flesh out the idea and figure out a strategy for pitching it to various networks,” per TMZ Sports.

The suit comes after UNINTERRUPTED sent a letter to the University Alabama earlier this month claiming copyright infringement, trademark rights and intellectual property after the school’s football team released a trailer for a show called Shop Talk where NFL players, who played for the university, are talking in a barbershop. The show was renamed Bama Cuts.

Adventure Enterprises is looking to cease production of future episodes of The Shop and is requesting compensation.

Sources close to the Cleveland Cavaliers told ESPN on Monday that the claim has no merit.

“The company sought a payment eight months ago and were told their claim was ridiculous, and they disappeared,” they said. “They clearly saw the media around the University of Alabama story and saw an opportunity for a publicity stunt.”

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