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Lisa Bloom Claims That Trey Songz Assaulted More Women

Trey Songz
source: Wikimedia

In a recent interview, prominent attorney Lisa Bloom claims that Trey Songz assaulted other women.

Bloom made the comments following Monday’s arrest of Songz over claims he punched a woman in the face during February’s NBA All-Star weekend. Songz is facing a domestic violence charge.

“When the police failed to arrest him a few days [after the police report was filed], [Andrea Buera] came to me and I looked into it and discovered that he has a long, sad history of physically assaulting women, according to a number of women as well as men,” she told

Buera said the singer hit her when they were at a Hollywood Hills party on Feb. 17. Buera claims that she suffered a concussion from the alleged attack.

Following his arrest, Songz took to social media and said that the accusations against him were false.

A court date is scheduled for March 27, according to


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