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“Little Known Black History Facts” Makes February a Little More Fun

Every February, we highlight the work of luminaries like Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and George Washington Carver. But what about the ordinary Black folks who have also contributed so much to our culture? People the history books forgot, such as Reverend W.J. Shanklin, the inventor of the church building fund? Or Darnieshia Andrews, the first person to act ‘brand new’? Thanks to Brokey McPoverty (nee Tracy Clayton), these Black heroes and sheroes are forgotten no more!

Since 2008, Little Known Black History Facts has added a hilarious spin to Feburary’s significant celebrations by allowing us appreciate the special ways of Black folks. Lord knows we have some ways.  Clayton, a Kentucky native, is one of the most brilliant bloggers in all the Negronet.  An aspiring multi-tasker, she’s currently juggling several writing projects that call on her interests in race, gender, womanism, natural hair, prose, fiction, music (particularly New Jack Swing), and general ridiculousness.  In addition to Little Known Black History Facts, you can find her work at a number of sites, including Uptown MagazinePostBourgieNatural Hair Problems and Needlessly Crunk. She’s also the genius behind Splackavellie Central, a hilarious site that pokes fun at some of the most ridiculous moments in R&B music history.

So this year, while you hang the MLK poster and rock the Malcolm X hat you’ve been donning once a year since 1992, take a moment to also remember Lemond Crouch, the first brave child to tell a teacher “You ain’t my momma!”, Pauletta “Pooh” Spencer, the creator of baby hair and Tracy Clayton, the first person to give these folks their due!

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