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LL Cool J Launching Classic Hip-Hop Station On Sirius XM Radio

Queens legend LL Cool J is set to launch his own station on Sirius XM Radio LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells Radio.

The “Mama Said Knock You Out” rapper is determined to bring back that feeling of yesteryear with old-school hip-hop content.

“I felt like classic hip-hop needed some leadership,” said the veteran MC and TV personality, according to Page Six. “It needed some organization. It needed somebody to step up and say, ‘Hey, this music is dope, people love it and want to hear it.’ But it has to be presented in a dope way and treated with the respect that it deserves.”

He went on to say, “There are so many artists who are the foundation of this culture, but it seems like they have been marginalized and pushed to the side if they’re no longer on the pop charts. I felt like hip-hop has a story and a lot of founding fathers and mothers that the world should know. … People know Run-DMC and myself, but there were people before us.”

The radio show will feature interviews and music from artists such as Ice Cube, Outkast, Public Enemy, Run-DMC and Snoop Dogg.


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