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Preach! Loni Love Reacts to White Meet-Up Group Called “Come Meet a Black Person” [VIDEO]

Yes, in 2018, there is such thing as a meet up group for Caucasian people with no brown friends… and it’s called “Come Meet a Black Person.”

If you recall, back in November, we posted about “Come Meet a Black Person,” a meet up group for White people with interest in making Black friends. The group was started after the organizers at “Urban MediaMakers” claimed that about 75% of White people don’t have a Black friend, and of those 75%, the group caters to those with a strong interest in getting to meet and know one.

Sounds about white.

Fast-forward, and it appears that word of the group got to the ladies of ‘The Real’ daytime talk show. The diverse panel of media personalities all had various reactions to ‘Come Meet a Black Person,’ with hosts Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon agreeing that the name could use work, while Mowry and Love agreed that the group was off-putting, period.

After everyone had chimed in their two cents, the veteran comedian made it clear that it was no laughing matter, and proceeded to breakdown “the real” problem with the meet-up, and the logic behind it:

“Look This is my point though about this… It’s different type of Black people just like there are different types of White people. So what, you’re going to get Black people of all kinds? This the problem. Ya’ll look at too much TV and you judge people by what you see on TV. Especially on the news. If you’re getting your Black people information on the news, we all look like thugs and criminals and things like that. That’s the reason why we have this show. This show has a Black girl, a half Black girl, an Asian and a Hispanic.

And you know what, we’re all different, but we’re just like you, White people. We’re just like you. I promise you!”

Preach Loni!

Watch the full video below:


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