Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan Clash on Instagram

Are Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan ever going to get along?

On Thursday, the former NBA star wished his ex-wife a happy birthday on Instagram.

“Wanna wish the mother of my children a very Happy Birthday! Hope this day is everything you hoped for and more,” he wrote.

Govan didn’t seem that interested in what Barnes had to say, commenting on his post, saying:

“Thank you I think? And yes one can only continue to pray that you take your own advice and learn to peacefully co parent! But until then I’ll see you in court next week because you Love a frivolous lawsuit. But hey lets keep co-parenting.”

That comment didn’t go unnoticed by Barnes, who responded by accusing her of stealing his money and Social Security number.

“Well…Stealing money my social security # & forging my signature your parents nightclub and house is pretty serious. but hey..I tried! See you in court! Oh & happy bday.”

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