Meagan Good Encourages Leslie Jones After Comic Says She May ‘Die Alone’

Comedians often share their worlds with fans in an effort to bring them joy and laughter while facing their most personal demons privately. Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones recently opened up to fans about her doubts when it comes to working out, and by extension, her love life.

Jones took to Instagram to share that although she exercises and eats right, she’s beginning to feel it’s pointless because the person she most wants to notice her isn’t paying any mind.

The stand-up even went on to say she feels she “might die alone.”

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Fans immediately began showering Jones with loving and encouraging words, with actress Meagan Good also commenting and encouraging her to keep pushing and waiting for the man God created for her.

Meagan Good

“Be encouraged sis, you are one of a kind and you are so dope! God ain’t giving you away to just anybody. You too bomb for that,” the actress wrote.




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