One teenager recently found herself so overwhelmed by Michael B. Jordan’s physique in Black Panther, that she literally snapped her retainer from clenching her teeth so hard, according to her own orthodontist.

Tumblr user nitramaraho recently commented on a GIF of a shirtless Jordan, sharing that a 17-year-old patient paid him an emergency visit after breaking her retainer over the star.

“That is the funniest f*cking sh*t ever to me this tiny 17 year old girl thirsting so goddamn hard she busted steel,” he wrote.

The GIF soon went viral, with the young lady in question finding out and admitting to losing it over “Killmonger.”

“Wait. That girl is me. That is my orthodontist’s tumblr. This is a post about me? I’m going to kill myself.”

Fortunately, Jordan is proving himself to be a true gentlemen, offering to pay for her replacement retainer.

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