While Nas and Kelis have been divorced for years and separated for even longer, their current custody battle over son, Knight, is further tearing the co-parents apart, with the “Milkshake” singer claiming her ex’s lawyer is beginning to play dirty.


TMZ reports the Harlem-bred songstress recently filed court documents accusing Nas’ attorney of calling her lawyer a “fattie” and a “d*ck.”

The litigator in question, Navid Moshtael, responded saying that while he’s used to being criticized for his profession, the fact that it came from an “experienced attorney” threw him for a loop, as it was allegedly stated in front of clients and on the record.

The “Bossy” artist is reportedly confident that the incident will actually turn out in her favor, as name calling and general pettiness tends to be frowned upon in court.


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