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Nate Parker Plans Comeback with New Web Series, ‘Baselines’

The widespread release of Nate Parker’s directorial debut, The Birth of a Nation, was shrouded in drama surrounding resurfaced news of a college rape trial. Even while the film was a Sundance favorite, press focusing on the years-old trial kept the film from seeing its full potential.

The Hollywood Reporter now reports that the filmmaker is producing a short-form digital series titled Baselines about a Los Angeles family determined to push their son to basketball greatness while he dodges the perils of inner city living. The project will mark Parker’s first industry effort since 2016’s The Birth of a Nation.

Parker was lambasted during his last press run for the film over the 17-year-old rape case from his days as a student at Penn State. He was acquitted in the case and has maintained his innocence, even after his accuser committed suicide.

The Birth of a Nation was created before the current #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, leaving many fans worried that the actor could, once again, have his work suffer due to the current climate within Hollywood.


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