Nicki Minaj, SHEthered? Remy Ma Doesn’t Take Weekends Off

Welp.  If the Drake versus Meek Mills feud defined 2015, it looks like Remy Ma versus Mills’ ex, Nicki Minaj, may be laying the concrete for the confrontation of 2017.

Remy, riding high on the wave of hits including “All the Way Up” and “Money Showers,” basically broke Saturday in half flowing over Nas’s poisonous backing beat “Ether,” re-cast as “Shether.”  The target: everyone’s favorite Barbie has yet to respond as of press time, but trust, she’ll need time.

The insults are infinite and well outlined in this helpful article from Billboard that breaks down every name check in the brutal song.  If you have indeed been on a plane with weak Wi-Fi or in your boy’s basement all evening, here is said tune so you can hear it in excruciating detail.  Spoiler alert: References to Minaj’s brother being an accused pedophile, accusations she slept her way to the top and is the owner of faulty “bun” shots abound.

It’s a lot.

While we all wait impatiently for Barbz reply (and we do imagine she will come back “Monster” style, this feud seems to be causing other feuds and heating up the streets for Nicki affiliates. Trey Songz, a rumored paramour of Minaj’s in the song, is defending himself against Nick that he didn’t deny the accusation strongly enough, Safaree (another Nicki ex) pleaded the fifth and turned his dang phone off.

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So, is this SHEthering the end of the Barbie reign over rap?  It seems, sadly, with our women MCs there can only be one.  Also waiting to see if Lil’ Kim, a longtime Nicki naysayer, will jump in on this action.

We’ll keep you in the know.  Until then, carry on with your weekend as best you can.


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