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NickI Minaj’s “Stupid Ho” Video Banned From BET

Has Nicki Minaj's road to fame and stardom hit a brick wall? The ultra-sexy rapper from Queens, New York built her rep by using her, um, assets to climb to the top of the Billboard charts, but now it seems she has gone too far. Her latest video, "Stupid Hoe," a diss track to Lil' Kim, finds the Young Money star on all-fours, dancing provocatively, and showcasing her animated features.

BET has banned the sexually suggestive music video, but didn't elaborate on why they chose to keep the clip off the air. Maybe BET banned it because the video appears to show Nicki Minaj's bare buttocks? Or maybe the refrain, where Nicki repeats, "You a stupid hoe," over and over makes the event too raunchy?

Whatever BET's reason behind the banning, the video appears to have not been getting love on YouTube either. According to the video sharing website, nearly two-thirds of all the people who voted on the video have "disliked it."  With Nicki Minaj's banning—are we seeing a culture shift at BET that could affect more artists?

Could this be the end of Nicki Minaj's run at the top of the pop charts?

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