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Actress Sues Omar Epps for Allegedly Breaking Her Arm During Filming

Screenshot/Hollywood Today Live

A former co-star of actor Omar Epps is suing the 44-year-old for negligence, assault and battery after claiming he broke her arm according to TMZ.

Actress Donzaleigh Abernathy claims during a shooting of USA network show Shooter, Epps got a little carried away. The 60-year-old, who is also an author and civil rights activist, said Epps went off-script in 2016 during a murder scene when he “threw his left forearm with full force at [her] right arm” resulting in the fracturing of her arm. Abernathy also alleges Omar dropped her on the floor during the scene causing damage to her back. She said production had to be stopped so she could be taken to the hospital.

She’s requesting Epps as well as Paramount Pictures cover her medical expenses.


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