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Oprah Lands “Good Morning America”

"Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts will be going on medical leave soon, so ABC has prepared a line-up of substitute anchors sure to please the popular news show's viewers. Having tapped only the best media personalities to fill Roberts' position, the network landed its biggest score by securing Oprah Winfrey. This temporary role will be Winfrey's first return to daytime network TV since the ending of her record-breaking talk show in 2011.

While no word has been released as to how long Winfrey will be subbing for Roberts, the "Queen of Media" is sure to draw in the impressive amount of ratings for which GMA has been aiming. In addition to Winfrey, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, and others will also be brought onboard. Winfrey will also be going toe-to-toe with her best friend Gayle King, who has a spot on CBS' "This Morning."   

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