Cheyenne Laneé and Oprah Winfrey

A Detroit model has Twitter thinking Oprah Winfrey has been hiding a drop-dead gorgeous daughter from us all this time. But Cheyenne Laneé is merely Lady O’s doppelganger — and the internet has been having too much fun with the resemblance.

Laneé’s stunning looks and figure meant serious inquiries were abound.

Some have even dubbed her “Oprah Thickfrey” and “Magic City Oprah.” Instagram user Lavar Walker to envision Laneé  at Magic City sayingyou get a dance, you get a dance, everybody gets a dance” to patrons.

But the model offered a brief fact-check by asserting she has no affiliation with the Atlanta strip club — or any for that matter.

Since making waves on the internet, Laneé has nicknamed herself “Motor City Oprah.”

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