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“Pariah” picks up GLAAD Award

Despite being overlooked by the Academy Awards, Dee Rees’ breakout film “Pariah” recently received accolades from another community definitely more in touch with the film’s story. During their annual media awards ceremony this past weekend, the LGBT organization GLAAD honored “Pariah” with an award for Outstanding Film — Limited Release.

The festival darling beat out four other strong independent films featured in the category, bolstering Dee Rees and newcomer Adepero Oduye’s reputations as two of the new faces to watch in Hollywood. In addition to this recent win, “Pariah” has received a whopping six awards from African-American Film Critics Association and Black Film Critics Circle combined, while additional nominations are still pending. Apparently, the two identities most strongly represented in the film played a major role in which groups applauded the film in the industry.

Should it matter that “Pariah” did not receive an Oscar or Golden Globes if it has been awarded by niche film groups? Was “Pariah” snubbed by the more mainstream awards because of the content matter, making it difficult for the critics to relate?

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