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Paula Patton Lands New Lead

Paula Patton

Thanks to the huge box office success of "Think Like A Man," expect to see a few films featuring Black casts and Black leads in the upcoming months. The most recent studio to bank on a Black cast film is Fox Searchlight, which has silver screen darling Paula Patton starring in their new movie "Baggage Claim." Based on a novel by playwright-director David Talbert, the film will center on Montana Moore, played by Patton, an unwed flight attendant who has thirty days and thirty-thousand miles to charm one of several potential suitors into marrying her.

Tablet, who made his directorial debut with Ice Cube's "First Sunday," will write, direct, and produce the film, which is set to begin filming in September. Apparently, after a string of Fox Searchlight's Black cast films flopped, including "Just Wright," "I Think I Love My Wife," and "Our Family Wedding," the studio had publicly announced that they would be scaling back because of what they considered to be a low interest from the targeted audience. Yet, judging from the mass appeal of Lionsgate's Tyler Perry films and now "Think Like A Man," the studio seems ready to test the waters once again.

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