While on a promo run for new film, Traffik, Paula Patton is dishing on old and new relationships, discussing her past with ex-husband, Robin Thicke, revealing that she co-wrote many songs for the “Lost Without U” crooner under the name “Max Haddington.”

“I was with Robin since I was 15-years-old…You know Robin and I wrote a lot of songs together. I have my name on the albums as ‘Max Haddington,’” she shared on Ebro in the Morning. “I was like ‘Max Haddington’ will seem like another writer with you, so it doesn’t seem like you’re writing with your girl. So that’s what we came up with.”

She also shared that her favorite record they penned together is “Dreamworld,” from Thicke’s 2008 album, Something Else.

Patton has also spoken on the new love of her life, sharing that she’s currently dating married, yet separated, realtor, Zach Quittman.

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