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Pepsi to Bring Back The King of Pop


In an announcement provided by Pepsi, the Purchase, N.Y.-based company is going on a reunion tour with The King of Pop. A deal was struck with the estate of Michael Jackson to use the late pop star's image for its new global marketing push. The nature of the promotion will vary by country, but will include special edition cans bearing Jackson's image, a TV ad in some markets, and chances to download remixes of some of Jackson's most famous songs. While Jackson has been a partner with the soda pop company since 1983, Pepsi has not disclosed the terms of its deal with the late singer's estate.

Next week, Pepsi will be launching a TV ad featuring Queens, New York rapper/singer Nicki Minaj and will announce its partnership with Twitter to stream concerts online. The broader "Live For Now" campaign is intended to amplify the company's longstanding ties with pop culture.

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