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Porgy and Bess Movie Coming Soon?

‘Porgy and Bess’: Gershwins’ Opera Gets Film Update

Producers Mike Medavoy and Bobby Geisler are developing a re-envisioned and updated film version of George and Ira Gershwin’s iconic opera  Porgy and Bess.

The duo is working with the Gershwin family and the estate of lyricist DuBose Heyward to develop the project. Marc George Gershwin, nephew of the Gershwin brothers, told Variety that he’s optimistic that Medavoy and Geisler will be able to produce a fresh take on the 1935 work.

“We get approached a lot with ideas that aren’t very good but Mike has a great track record,” Gershwin noted. “We’re confident that he’s going to able to find the right director and writer. And we already have the music.”

Porgy and Bess premiered in New York in 1935 with a cast of African-American singers, featuring the songs Summertime, It Ain’t Necessarily So, Bess You Is My Woman Now, I Loves You Porgy, and I Got Plenty of Nuttin.

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