Prodigy to Be Laid to Rest This Week After Long Battle With Sickle Cell

Albert “Prodigy” Johnson’s influence on the hip-hop community was held in the highest regard, and the untimely death of the ’90s icon sent shock waves through the music industry. After being hospitalized for complications due to his battle with sickle cell anemia, Prodigy passed away last Tuesday, June 20.

As fans and rappers continue to mourn the loss of the lyrical genius, many fans shared touching tributes in the wake of his passing. During the BET Awards (June 24), Kendrick Lamar, Lil Kim and Mobb Deep’s Havoc honored the fallen rap pioneer.

“This week, hip-hop suffered a painful loss, with the sudden passing of our brother, Prodigy,” Lil’ Kim said through tears. “His pen painted vivid pictures of street life. He made what was ugly sound beautiful.”

For over 20 years, he and I went through it all and seen it all,” Havoc recalled. “I’m going to miss my dude. This loss is painful. But the lyrical legacy he left us will impact the culture forever. Rest in peace, Prodigy. My brother.”


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This Thursday, a funeral service will be held for Prodigy in New York at the Frank E. Campbell funeral chapel from 2 to 5 pm. The service will be open to the public. Fans, family and friends will be given the opportunity to pay their last respects to the talented MC. See above for more info.

RIP Prodigy.


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